Caroline Ortiz

Quest is an amazing program. It has changed my son's social life and allowed him the opportunity to be part of the group and to pursue friendships that would otherwise have not been available to him. The beauty of Quest is that it is so fun; the kids don't know that it is therapy. It's a wonderful and safe place for any kid who lands there.

Allyson Veltri-Wohlwend

Quest has been fantastic for my son - he loves to go, looks forward to it and the practices have made a considerable impact in our parenting and his behavior.

Lori Colvin

Thank goodness for Quest Camp! The idea of finding a safe, supportive and fun summer environment for our boy is invaluable. They take care of his needs ad the counselors are knowledgeable, flexible and kind. Thank you for all you do.

Kurtis Bosacki

Both of my sons have participated in the Quest summer camp for years now. Both look forward each summer to the new and old friends they see each year at camp. I believe that the learning experience you and your team provide is beneficial to all ages and provides an avenue of sharing that is unique. Thank you and your fantastic staff for many fine summers.

Wanyee Babitsky

Our son attended Quest Camp since age 8 in summer 2004. Other camps turned him away but Quest welcomed him and the learning experience he received from Quest was priceless. He has come a long way from his first summer at Quest. Summer 2011 will be his 8th year with Quest. Now, at age 15, I am looking forward to seeing my son graduate from high school, attend a 4-year university, and hold a job.

Claudia Hernandez

My nine year old daughter attended Quest Camp six out of eight weeks last summer. She had a great time, got plenty of exercise, and received many opportunities to practice her social skills and constructive feedback from her counselors. I was very impressed with the organization of the program and the caliber of the counselors, all of them specializing in children and behavior, most of them having masters degrees. The most amazing part was when my daughter went back to school in the fall and she got the most positive feedback from her elementary school staff. Everyone commented on the transformation that she had gone through in the summer. Her behavior and social skills were obviously improved. She also attends the afterschool program that keeps all her skills in the forefront on her mind. I highly recommend this program. My daughter is definitely going back this summer.

Heidi Bailey

Quest has been a place for my kids to learn about themselves and see how they fit in the world. Life moves so quickly, but Quest staff stop and take the time to teach each of my kids the behavior skills they need while they are interacting with their peers. Quest teaches my kids how to set personal goals and how to work to achieve them. The skills they learn allow them to build friendships and better their relationships with their siblings and parents. I am thankful that there is a place for my very spirited kids! I am thankful for Quest!