What's typical Summer camp day?

  1. Campers should bring their own lunch, proprer marked and identified each day. Every other Friday starting with our first week, we will have a "Fabulous Friday", a morning of fun activities, pizza lunch and Store. On fieldtrips, you will receive an advanced notice to either send lunch money or bring a lunch.
  2. Every morning, your child will be in a group of campers about their age and assigned a specific staff member who will be responsible for your child's safety, happiness and treatment.  Counselors are older than typical camp counselors and trained in Quest therapeutic strategies. Every morning, campers participate in group activities that provide our staff the ability to observe and then help correct problems as they occur. Individual treatment goals will be addressed during these games. We individualize games to assure that the majority of the campers feel comfortable playing. We reduce the competitive nature of sports and teach the children how to enjoy games rather than focus on winning. There are no strike-outs and counselors do not keep score. During one morning hour, your child's group and counselors will participate in the group therapy session. Group therapy at Quest varies by age and ability. Individual goals are assigned and rated individually each week after the first week of attendance. WE also use a variety of Quest therapeutic activities to teach emotional and social ability, to help children consider their behavior and improve coping and interaction. Group is also a time to problem solve issues between campers in the group and teach constructive interactions.
  3. We will be arranging swimming times twice a week. We like to swim on Monday and Wednesday afternoons but we have yet to be able to determine if each facility will have openings in their schedule so we can do this. Tuesday and Thursday afternoons are times for "Quests". Quests are different activities, including science experiments, arts and crafts, sports, music, music video, newsletter and other activities based on interest and skill levels.
  4. Points: Points are essential therapeutic components of the program. Every hour, your child will receive points based on their efforts. Counselors will tell each camper what positive things they did that hour, things to work on next hour and how many points they earned for their effort. These points are concrete ways of identifying effort. Every week, points will be added up and campers can use them at the store. Store will be on Thursdays or Fridays depending if there is a fieldtrip that week.
  5. Group Therapy:Monday through Thursday, campers attend group therapy with their counselors and fellow group members. Group therapy sessions vary based on age and group dynamics but always include the development and rating of individualized goals. Groups presents more basic issues for younger campers and increase in complexity based on age and functional level of group members. Trained therapists utilize Quest's unique therapeutic techniques as appropriate.
  6. Daily ending ceremony: This is one of the highlights of the day. Counselors perform a lively skit that parents come to watch. While campers eat their snack of cookies, chips or fruit, counselors choose what camper in each group will be "Camper of the Day". To announce this, counselors over the past years have developed routines to give clues as to who this might be. They might describe the camper as a "positive role model" and use mannerisms to make a plus sign with their a.rms(Positive), then rolling their hands (Role) then throw their head back and put their hand on their hip just like a "model". This occurs for each group and the Camper of the Day goes home with a certificate plus 50 bonus points. Campers are then picked up by parents or those assigned by them.
  7. Dismissal: Please arrive on time and sign your child our. It is essential that all counselors are focusing on the release so please do not try to discuss things things. It is self distructive to every child's safety.
  8. Fieldtrips: Every other Friday, starting the second week of camp, Quest takes a fieldtrip to a fun and exciting place. Yes, we take kids to amusement parks, science museums and recreational facilities and have never lost a kid. We have exceptional security and supervision for all of our fieldtrips. The cost of admission and transportation is included in the registration fees.

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How are Parents involved?:

Your participation is vital to success. First, you will receive a Parent Point Sheet. This is to use starting the Saturday before your child attends camp. Just like camp, campers need individual goals. You will need to think about the most important behaviors to change and then follow up each day with points. Once a week, the point sheet should come to camp to be used at store.

Home Goals and Points: Parents develop specific goals for behavior at home as we do for camp. Each evening, provide brief feedback (30 seconds) to your child: Positive behaviors, areas to work on tomorrow and total points earned (Max. of 5). The Parent Point forms can be found by clicking your location on www.questcamps.com and downloading/printing the form.

Evening parent group meetings: Every two weeks, there is an evening parent meeting. Both counselors and therapists will writing an evaluation of your child and be available to discuss our observations and make recommendations for strategies that work.

Observing at camp: Parents are welcome to observe activities at camp. Since group therapy discusses confidential information, no visitors are allowed there. Please confer with the director if you are interested in staying at camp for a visit. Please realize that sometimes it is not in the best interest of the child to know a parent is there. They can become preoccupied and distracted. Please make sure to consider this. We do not allow parents on fieldtrips. We have found that it interferes with our safety and structure for the kids. If a parent takes their child andor someone's else's child away from our group we cannot maintain security. Also, this is a time for every child to take a risk and interact with peers.

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What other services are included in the program?

Professional consultation: Other than the parent meetings, staff are not available for consultation without additional fees. You are welcome to discuss cost with the director but Quest psychologists provide thorough evaluations to better understand the child and his/her functioning. This can help develop more accurate IEPs and treatment plans based on improved diagnosis.

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When will I receive car pool lists?

We try to wait 10 days before camp starts due to the high volume of last minute camper registrations. We only provide general location and telephone numbers to protect your privacy. If you have extenuating circumstances requiring earlier information, please contact our administrative director, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Where do I find Parent Point forms, calendars and other information?

Check the forms link on the website for up to date information.

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How do I get my insurance company to reimburse for Quest therapeutic services?

You must contact your insurance company prior to the start of camp to see if they will cover outpatient group therapy services (90853) provided 5 days per week by a licensed therapist. If they require pre-authorization, you must contact our offices to arrange the screening appointment so we have the necessary information about your child. If more than 15 minutes is needed to discuss the case with your insurance company, there will be an additional fee for professional services.

With children on the Autism Spectrum,  Quest program qualifies as an ABA Social Skills program and will be covered by the insurance company.  Treatment authorization requires a comprehensive evaluation of the child and development of very specific treatment goals. For that reason, it is essential that you contact your insurance company about authorizing services and provide Quest staff at least one month to complete the authorization process.

Once you have determined coverage, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and request our Insurance billing form. Forms can only be provided for services already completed so please wait until your child has completed at least 10 days of camp.

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