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Campers & Parents

Senior Campers

Adolescents who experience emotional and social issues have benefited greatly from the Quest program and participate in our Senior Camper program. Due to the lack of programs, we have raised our maximum age to 20 for those who are appropriate for the program.  In addition to the Quest System that all Quest Campers benefit from, Senior Campers participate in a variety of therapy programs tailored to their age and issues. They also learn to be sensitive and helpful to others as mentors to the younger campers and through their community service program. Typically, this is one of our largest groups during summer and Afterschool programs.

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Camper Profile

One of the great things about Quest Camp is that it has been found to benefit a wide range of children. Quest Campers do not look or act strikingly different from other children. Watching our campers play and interact would appear no different from children on any given playground. The problems Quest Campers experience are often more subtle yet can have significant impact on the child and his/her family. While diagnosis is not necessary, children with ADHD, anxiety, depression, high functioning autism and other disorders all benefit. Due to the importance of a sense of safety, Quest does not accept children with a history of aggressive behavior.

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Kids and families today have an incredible amount of pressure and demanding schedules. Often, when balancing a child’s social scene, schoolwork, sporting events, and family requirements, parents can become overwhelmed if their child has a behavioral, social, or emotional issue thrown on top of everything. This is natural . . . and where Quest can help.

Parents provide individual goals for their camper at home, giving them positive verbal support and points that are included each week at the Quest store. Working together provides the most significant change.

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