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Quest Camp Parents

Kids and families today have an incredible amount of pressure and demanding schedules. Often, when balancing a child’s social scene, schoolwork, sporting events, and family requirements, parents can become overwhelmed if their child has a behavioral, social, or emotional issue thrown on top of everything. This is natural . . . and where Quest can help.

Like Quest Campers, Quest Parents are generally no different than normal parents. Quest Parents often have stress and/or concerns about their child’s behavior, choice (or lack) of friends, social skills, schoolwork, and/or anger. They may have received negative feedback from teachers or just feel that their child does not “fit in” with other kids.

The Quest System creates fun opportunities for children to improve problematic behaviors and self-esteem by creating an atmosphere where campers feel respected and accepted. Based on parental input and individual assessment by Quest professionals, each camper receives an individualized treatment plan that helps address the camper’s most consequential problematic behaviors.

Quest has been proven to work and provides campers the opportunity for consistent improvement in self-esteem and behavior. The Quest System empowers children to make positive changes on their own by understanding their personal challenges and developing methods of improvement.

Quest parents play a large role in the Quest System. Quest asks for detailed information about each camper that enables the professional staff to develop a camper’s individualized treatment plan. Prior to camp, Quest parents establish home goals and award daily “points.” These points are included to reward campers’ efforts at the end of every week at the Quest Store. Once camp starts, parents receive detailed feedback via evening parent groups, written camper evaluations, and direction unique to their child’s therapeutic needs. Parents also receive access to Directive Parenting, an individualized cognitive behavioral child therapy program developed by Dr. Field.

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