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Quest Programs

Intensive 6-week, 30 hours/week summer program  ( 3 consecutive week participation)

For Pittsburgh  registration, go to the Locations page to register.

Alamo, CA summer program has very limited openings. Please call Alyson Cross at 925-548-3797 for available space.


30-week, 2 hour/week Afterschool program.

         Listen to our founder, Robert Field, PhD                                            CA Licensed Psychologist PSY 5705



Our Afterschool programs at Quest are operating throughout the school year, helping children and teens with mild to moderate emotional and social problems. Our 3, 10-week sessions provide a holistic approach to mental health, with a focus on coping mechanisms and therapeutic activities. Join our community of young adventurers and experience the difference that Quest can make on your child's wellbeing.
Afterschool program operate on Thursdays from 4-6 pm at Rancho Romero Elementary School in Alamo, CA.
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Our Programs


Since 1989, Quest has provided an innovative psychotherapeutic program, combining the natural setting of children at play with an individualized treatment plans,   group therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy program. Three research studies demonstrated the summer program’s “strong treatment effect”, providing significant progress in emotional and social functioning. Join our young adventurers and experience the difference Quest can make in your child’s and family’s wellbeing.


Our Staff

Few programs have the high quality of mental health professionals and counselor staff. Summer staff includes 5 therapists with at least a Master's degree in counseling. Many of our counselor staff are working on graduate training in counseling or have significant experience with children.


The results presented above indicated that a positive increase in reciprocal conversation was observed among campers in both the younger and middle camp groups.


One of the great things about Quest Camp is that it has been found to benefit a wide range of children. Quest Campers do not look or act strikingly different from other children. 

What's good for ADHD, is good for anxiety,
high functioning autism and other childhood problems.


“Quest keeps my kid engaged, and all the other programs we've tried have failed to do that.”

Bill, Quest Camper Parent


Quest's evidence-based program  may qualify for reimbursement and ABA funding

Contact your insurance company to find out if they will reimburse for group therapy services (90853). Quest is vendorized by the Regional Center of the East Bay.

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