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Our afterschool programs at Quest are designed specifically for children who need a little extra support when it comes to managing school stress. Our 3, 10-week sessions provide a holistic approach to mental health, with a focus on coping mechanisms and therapeutic activities. Join our community of young adventurers and experience the difference that Quest can make on your child's wellbeing.
Afterschool program starts Thursday, 9/14 from 4-6 pm at Rancho Romero Elementary School.
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Our Programs

Quest has been found to have “a strong treatment effect at reducing global impairment” for most emotional and social problems.

Our Counselors

Quest Camp Counselors are unique because they all have demonstrated a dedication to improving the lives of children. All Quest Counselors must be either attending, or have graduated from college.


The results presented above indicated that a positive increase in reciprocal conversation was observed among campers in both the younger and middle camp groups.


One of the great things about Quest Camp is that it has been found to benefit a wide range of children. Quest Campers do not look or act strikingly different from other children. 

What's good for ADHD, is good for anxiety,
high functioning autism and other childhood problems.


“Quest keeps my kid engaged, and all the other programs we've tried have failed to do that.”

Bill, Quest Camper Parent


Quest's evidence-based program qualifies for reimbursement

Since Quest’s therapuetic program is considered medical treatment, it may be covered for reimbursement. 

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